ALS SpA implements an Integrated Management System (IMS) in the areas of QualityHealth & Safety, and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), an indispensable tool for customer satisfaction, protecting human and company capital, and having a strategic vision, as summarised in the IMS Policy.



Our IMS is verified and certified by Independent Organisations and is accredited by International Standards

SA8000:2014 – Social Responsibility

The SA8000 standard (download certificate) ensures the protection of the workers’ dignity against harassment, intimidation, and discriminatory behaviour. It ensures compliance with labour and contractual standards according to UN conventions and Italian law, promoting an ethically virtuous supply chain. Everyone can say they “care” about their people, but only a few can certify it, and we are one of them.

ISO 45001:2018 – Health & Safety

The ISO 45001 standard (download certificate) is the most recent protecting Workers’ Health and Safety. ALS actively pursues an accident prevention and health protection strategy through continuous training, maintenance of equipment and facilities, and strict adherence to health and Covid19 protocols. For us, safety at work is not a slogan, it is a method.

ISO 9001:2015 – Quality

The ISO 9001 standard (download certificate) certifies the quality of the service as a system and customer satisfaction as the company’s prime objective. ALS applies an approach for processes founded on risk-based thinking. This means analysing the activities, contexts, and processes to eliminate risks and seize opportunities. This allows us flexibility and adaptability when making changes to respond quickly and effectively to customer needs.