ALS S.p.A. is an operational excellence in the management of outsourced warehouses belonging to the FBH Group, created to solve the continuous and growing practical needs of modern business, which believes in a LEAN approach to outsourcing, reducing operational distances and subcontracting that generate additional costs.

We help our customers to focus on their core business and to have direct control of the supply chain, managing the complexities of logistics flows for them on a daily basis, innovating and modernizing processes, technologies and systems.

From this approach, ALS has made a real recognized Core Competence, capable of creating satisfying and lasting relationships with its customers and growing in a sustainable way.



Even in these critical years, ALS is able to seize the opportunities of the market and win them, thanks to its unmistakable “dynamic strength”. The ALS Team, with over 35 years of activity, has consolidated its reputation and original convictions: teamwork, strong motivation, development of human potential, acquired soft skills and continuous search for quality in every aspect and in every operational phase constitute a guarantee to measure the success in its own market segment.